I’ve been spending more time at the Assisted Living home rather than taking mom out while her ankle heals.  Though I miss our adventures, I’m getting to know the other residents and the staff much better.  And that’s a good thing.  Each resident is unique, and it’s a gift to begin to recognize their gifts and graces.

This morning I was playing checkers with mom.  A lady I’ll call Maggie was sleeping in her wheelchair not far from us.  She woke up and looked at a staff person nearby.  Her tone was calm and inquisitive as she spoke, “Who am I?”

The staff person answered patiently, “You’re Maggie.”


“Well… OK… I’m here,” she replied sweetly with a smile.


We all grinned at the seemingly odd statement, and yet I felt tears fill my eyes.  I have felt ignored before.  I’ve felt taken for granted in the past.  But I’ve never felt so invisible that I forgot who I was.  I cannot imagine what that is like.

And yet… Maggie wasn’t upset.  Once she heard the affirming words (her name), she was empowered.  Like a school child answering the roll call, she announced, “I’m here!”  Maggie went from being lost and uncertain to being available and purposeful.  She has a name.  She has a place.  She IS.

Dear God, so many of us have forgotten who we are.  Remind of us of what you see in us, of who you created us to be.  Name us.  Call to us.  Remind us.  In the name of the One Who created us, Who saves us, and Who sustains us, Amen.


6 thoughts on ““I’m here!”

  1. Take time to notice the people around you. Notice the people in power and with position and notice the people who often get overlooked. Notice the people you know and notice the people you don’t know. Notice the people who look like you and notice the people who don’t look like you. Everyone you notice is a beautiful, unique child of God. Everyone has gifts, and everyone has challenges. Everyone deserves to be noticed, even those who don’t remember who they are.

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  2. I hope Maggie had the sweet response because she does deep down have some positive sense of self and value. So many people even far younger than Maggie need to know how much God loves them and values them. Your post reminded me of the Tenth Avenue North song, “You Are More.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhDrzTQ5rn0 and to see a teen sign this song, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNiPWdBM8HU
    Thanks for these powerful thought-provoking posts, Kendra.

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  3. wow. your story has me in tears this morning… thank you Kendra for a story to remind us that yes, we are here. sending you Love today as you visit with your Mom and the residents and staff at Alpha House. Thank you for your gift of writing so eloquently.

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  4. This is beautiful Kendra.  You are beautiful. Your mom is heautiful.

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